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Social Work BSW

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Learning Abroad


Getting Started

Take writing & math Gen Eds
    Take BSW prerequisites:
    • PSY 1010
    • SW 1010
    • SOC 1010
    • POLS 1100
    Consider Honors College
      Meet with a SW advisor & attend a BSW Q+A session

        Making Progress

        Finishing Up

        • Complete your practicum/field experience
        • Take prerequisite courses for grad school, if needed
        • Finish certificate requirements
        • Check in with advisor
        • Apply for graduation


        Getting Started

        Making Progress

        Finishing Up

        • Expand your network - join the Alumni Association or Forever Utah
        • Take on leadership or mentorship roles in your student organizations and/or volunteer spaces

        Knowledge & Skills

        Making Progress

        • Become proficient in My Degree Dashboard & navigating your class schedule
        • Visit the major exploration website to explore complementary academic programs
        • Expand your skill set with courses outside SW
        • Consider engaging in undergraduate research - talk to your professors or connect with OUR
        • Meet with an advisor or Career Coach to learn about applying to grad school

        Finishing Up


        Getting Started

        • Write down your interests, goals, & dreams - utilize SMART goals
        • Use your ArtsPass
        • Take a course outside the discipline, like art or business, to expand your perspectives

        Making Progress

        • Create a parallel plan; what will you do if you don't get into the program the first time you apply?
        • Study abroad through CSW's Global Social Work programs
        • Apply to go on an Alternative Break trip
        • Take courses based in topics of diversity, social justice, & inequality
        • Attend graduate program info sessions
        • Attend a social or cultural event you haven't experienced before

        Finishing Up

        • Complete practicum & other extracurricular activities
        • Take personal inventory of skills gained as an undergraduate student
        • Participate in commencement & convocation ceremonies


        Getting Started

        Making Progress

        Finishing Up


        Getting Started

        • Activate your Handshake account
        • Meet with a Career Coach to discuss career options & check out other resources in the CPDC
        • Conduct personal research on careers that interest you

        Making Progress

        • Participate in workshops through the CPDC
        • Attend career, internship, & grad school fairs
        • Connect with individuals in careers that interest you & learn about their pathway
        • Draft a resume/CV & update it regularly
        • Strengthen your resume through additional experiential learning - take CEL-courses or study abroad
        • Consider whether you will go on to grad school or seek employment after graduation
        • Talk to the BSW Practicum Office about practicum options in your area of interest

        Finishing Up

        Start Your Career Journey

        Find support at the Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC)

        Visit cpdc


        About the Major

        Social workers provide direct and indirect services to individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities in need. They typically help individuals cope with personal and familial challenges (e.g., mental illness, substance abuse, divorce, unemployment) and may work with community organizations and policymakers to develop or improve health and human social service programs. Social workers are employed as counselors, crisis intervention specialists, case managers, program developers, and program evaluators in community-based behavioral health clinics, hospitals, family and child service agencies, schools, corrections facilities, and other settings.

        If you want to enter this rewarding field, the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program is a great option. As a BSW student, you take courses in social diversity and cultural understanding, applied statistics, advanced writing, research and evaluation, human behavior and social environment, social work practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities, and social welfare policy practice. You also complete a 400-hour field practicum with a community-based agency. In addition to learning abroad and undergraduate research opportunities, you can complete an optional certificate in Substance Use Disorder Treatment Training or Social Justice Advocacy. You can also get involved with the BSW Student Association or volunteer with Neighbors Helping Neighbors. With a BSW degree, you are prepared to apply for a license to practice social work in Utah or elsewhere.

        Learning Outcomes

        As a student in the BSW program, you acquire the knowledge and skills to
        • Demonstrate ethical and professional behavior
        • Advance human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice
        • Engage in practice-informed research, and research-informed practice
        • Assess, intervene with, and evaluate practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.

        Plan & Prepare

        At the U, we plan for our students to have an exceptional Educational Experience identified by four broad categories we call the Learning Framework: Community, Knowledge & Skills, Transformation, and Impact. This major map will help you envision, explore, design, and plan your personalized Exceptional Education Experience with the Learning Framework at the core. In addition to assisting you in planning your coursework and navigating the requirements of your major, this map will help you incorporate other kinds of experiences to expand your knowledge, support your development, and prepare you for the future you want.

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