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Health and Kinesiology

College of Health

Emphases: Community Health Education


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Getting Started

  • Finish Math 1030- Intro to Quant Reasoning or MATH 1050- College Algebra
  • Finish WRTG 2010- Intermediate Writing
  • Finish H EDU 1010- Healthy Lifestyles
  • Finish H EDU 3050- Community Health Issues
  • Finish H EDU 4650 - A&P for Health OR BIOL 2420 - Human Physiology

Making Progress

  • Earn academic credit by participating in a learning abroad semester or program
  • Take a summer field studies course or apply for a Hinckley Summer Institute internship
  • Enroll in other Gen Ed courses that align with your interests
  • Continue taking courses needed for your track area in either Community Health or Worksite Wellness
  • Continue core classes like H EDU 4210 - Health Program Planning & H EDU 4360 - Health Communication & Teaching

Finishing Up

  • Complete core classes by following the recommended sequence
  • Finish your internship
  • Prepare for and schedule certification exams
  • Apply for graduation


Getting Started

  • Connect with a range of diverse health-related communities
  • Volunteer for programs like U-Fit
  • Meet with a Career Coach to discuss an internship alongside community partners
  • Participate in research programs like UROP
  • Join student-led organizations

Making Progress

  • Go to your student activity fair & consider joining a club that interests you
  • Get to know the students in your classes & start building a community on campus
  • Attend a Learning Abroad 101 Session to learn about programs, processes, & planning
  • Become a member of Eta Phi Epsilon, our health honorary club

Finishing Up

  • Apply your knowledge by taking on more influential roles
  • Coordinate a group service project
  • Take on a leadership position within the Bennion Center

Knowledge & Skills

Getting Started

Making Progress

  • Organize a study group
  • Attend office hours
  • Touch base with your advisor to stay on track with your plan
  • Explore & register for electives that support your learning goals
  • Develop your knowledge through an independent study
  • Seek out applied experience through job shadowing, community service, leadership opportunities, & direct patient/client exposure with organizations like Connect2Health & Primary Children's Medical Center

Finishing Up

  • Practice what you learned & share your knowledge in a real world setting such as an internship or a collaboration with a Kinesiology community health partner


Getting Started

  • Meet with an advisor to begin exploring what you want to do after you graduate
  • Learn how to customize your undergraduate experience to meet your goals

Making Progress

Finishing Up

  • Complete the capstone course & put theory into practice by working with underserved populations in the community
  • If you've done research, consider presenting at the Undergraduate Research Symposium


Getting Started

  • Participate in the "Be Well Utah Health Fair"
  • Find health-related student groups like SPEAK & Students for Choice
  • Attend a MUSE Casual Friday
  • Connect with a peer mentor through the University of Utah Mentoring Program

Making Progress

Finishing Up

  • Visit with your Career Coach or a Pre-Professional Advisor to discover opportunities to gain additional skills & experience through volunteering, job shadowing, clubs, or internships


Getting Started

Making Progress

  • Explore careers by completing informational interviews, shadowing, volunteering, or working in areas of interest
  • Use career events (Career Fairs/Meet & Eats) & resources (Handshake/Forever Utah)to get connected
  • Develop back-up plans for your primary career goal
  • Get your resume/LinkedIn reviewed & build references & contacts for the job search
  • Attend the Career Conference to get all of these at once

Finishing Up

  • Meet with a Career Coach to refine your job or graduate school application materials
  • Practice interviewing
  • Practice salary negotiation

Start Your Career Journey

Find support at the Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC)

Visit cpdc


About the Major

Today's world needs educated graduates to advocate for the health and wellbeing of communities. The Health & Kinesiology degree with the Community Health emphasis is a career-training program that will prepare you for health education roles in public, non-profit, and private health organizations including government agencies, corporate wellness facilities, and clinical education programs. The curriculum is based upon the core competencies of the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) national certification. The CHES national certification certifies skills in planning, implementing, administering, and evaluating programs to promote healthy living. You will graduate from the program prepared to work as a community health educator.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of a health education specialist, based on NCHEC competencies of health education practice.
  • Demonstrate the ability to comprehend and apply peer-reviewed research and theory related to community health.
  • Engage with and advocate for diverse communities.
  • Plan health education/promotion strategies/interventions across a variety of community settings.
  • Implement health education/promotion strategies/interventions across a variety of community settings.
  • Evaluate health education/promotion strategies/interventions across a variety of community settings.

Plan & Prepare

At the U, we plan for our students to have an exceptional Educational Experience identified by four broad categories we call the Learning Framework: Community, Knowledge & Skills, Transformation, and Impact. This major map will help you envision, explore, design, and plan your personalized Exceptional Education Experience with the Learning Framework at the core. In addition to assisting you in planning your coursework and navigating the requirements of your major, this map will help you incorporate other kinds of experiences to expand your knowledge, support your development, and prepare you for the future you want.

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