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Modern Dance BFA

College of Fine Arts

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Getting Started

  • Meet with an advisor to create a course plan
  • Explore the major in the freshman seminar
  • Take DANC 1310 & 1320: Technique, Theory, and Practice I & II
  • Along with daily techniques classes, take DANC 1410: Beginning Improvisation & DANC 1420: 1st-Yr Workshop
  • Take math & writing classes

Making Progress

  • Meet with an advisor regularly to discuss your course plan & navigate course sequence (refer to catalog for more info)
  • Complete 2nd-year Modern Dance Workshops & kinesiology courses
  • Continue taking contemporary dance & ballet techniques courses
  • Enroll in GEs that meet requirements & fuel your creativity
  • Generate a degree audit to track your progress on GEs & degree requirements

Finishing Up

  • Complete senior capstone courses - DANC 4460 & 4461
  • Finish remaining major requirements
  • Review degree audit & meet with advisor
  • Apply for graduation


Getting Started

Making Progress

  • Follow @UofUdance on social media
  • Audition for and engage with departmental concerts & showcases
  • Attend the Get Involved Fair to explore student groups on campus
  • Use your ArtsPass to visit museums like the UMFA and attend cultural events on campus/in the community
  • Join the Modern Dance Student Concert Committee or get involved with Healing in Motion

Finishing Up

  • Find ways to network at concerts & other performances
  • Mentor incoming students & get involved with SAC
  • Connect with the SoD & CFA’s alumni networks

Knowledge & Skills

Getting Started

Making Progress

  • Create opportunities to engage in research with a faculty member through UROP
  • Apply for a FAF grant to seek financial support for student-driven extracurricular experiences
  • Expand your skills in teaching & screendance courses
  • Perform your choreography in the Student Concert or perform in fellow undergraduate & graduate student work

Finishing Up


Getting Started

Making Progress

  • Complete mandatory advising & continue to meet with advisor as needed to discuss your degree plan
  • Explore international performance opportunities or other learning abroad programs
  • Network & find professional development opportunities at events like the LINK Audition Festival
  • Meet with faculty from graduate programs, if interested in continuing your studies

Finishing Up

  • Share creative work at conferences like the American College Dance Association conference
  • Present your choreography in the Senior Concert
  • Participate in graduation events & activities


Getting Started

  • Use ArtsPass to access events
  • Meet with an advisor or faculty mentor to discuss your interests & set goals for your time in college
  • Consider taking a CEL-course

Making Progress

Finishing Up

  • Get involved with the SAC or consider running for ASUU to gain leadership experience
  • Propose an event, workshop, or project for funding by the FAF grant program


Getting Started

Making Progress

  • Attend ArtsForce lectures, panels, & workshops to learn more about working in the arts
  • Update your resume regularly to reflect your skills & experience
  • Talk to an advisor about opportunities to build your resume through research, internships, and/or learning abroad experiences
  • Begin thinking about your online professional profile and ways to showcase your work

Finishing Up

  • Update and refine your resume & online professional profile
  • Meet with a Career Coach to practice interviewing & salary negotiation
  • Apply for jobs or graduate school

Start Your Career Journey

Find support at the Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC)

Visit cpdc


About the Major

If you want to pursue your passion for dance and creative expression, consider the Modern Dance BFA program at the University of Utah. The U’s School of Dance is one of the longest-standing dance programs in the country and admission to the Modern Dance BFA program is highly competitive and by audition only. The Modern Dance BFA integrates the rigors of intellectual exploration, technical discipline, and creative investigation in order to prepare dancers for the opportunities and challenges of the profession in performance, choreography, and teaching. With a significant focus on choreography and the creative process, this degree includes coursework in various dance techniques, pedagogy, music, anatomy, dance histories, and dance studies. You can explore a wide array of movement experiences ranging from ballet, contemporary, jazz, West African dance, hip hop, etc. and work with world-renowned faculty and guest artists. In addition to undergraduate research, internships, and learning abroad experiences, the School of Dance provides an abundance of performance and choreographic opportunities. With the Modern Dance BFA degree, you are well-prepared for a variety of careers in the arts.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop and embody the skills necessary for a career in dance (technique, choreography, teaching, community-based projects and/or scholarship).
  • Exhibit knowledge about the breadth of the dance field and one’s place within it.
  • Demonstrate effective communication (written, oral, and embodies) around aesthetics, dance science, dance, and history (student artists have a synthesized knowledge of practical and theoretical curriculum)

Plan & Prepare

At the U, we plan for our students to have an exceptional Educational Experience identified by four broad categories we call the Learning Framework: Community, Knowledge & Skills, Transformation, and Impact. This major map will help you envision, explore, design, and plan your personalized Exceptional Education Experience with the Learning Framework at the core. In addition to assisting you in planning your coursework and navigating the requirements of your major, this map will help you incorporate other kinds of experiences to expand your knowledge, support your development, and prepare you for the future you want.

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